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Ribble or Triban ?

mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 830
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So I am looking at getting a new bike after Chrimbo with my work bonus, Worked my harris off this year so I am expecting around £600, I don't need a new bike but I would rather spend it on a bike than get 0.5% interest from a bank.

I am keen to get a modern sportive machine to compliment my modest collection and give me scope to tackle some big summer group rides next year, Currently I have a 1974 Raleigh Europa 5 speed, a NS Analogue Single Speed and a Pinnacle 29er Hybrid commuter bike so a sportive style road bike would fit nicely.

My decision is split between either a Decathlon job - Triban 7 or a Ribble Alu 7005 sportive.

In terms of spec the Triban has a Alu Frame with Carbon back and front end plus full Tiagra (apart from the actually pretty decent by all accounts Btwin Dual pivot brakes) and a strong but weighty own brand wheelset. The finishing kit is pretty good own brand stuff. Total weight is 9.7kg with the wheels at about 2.2kgs - Cost £599

The Ribble Sportive 7005 with a few tweaks comes in at £640 and for that I will get a Alu frame, Full Sora Group inc brakes plus Rodi Airline wheels / Conti U Sport tyres and Deda Finishing kit. Weight is 9.4kg with about 2kg for the wheels.

I am really torn, I have had a quick blast on the Triban but I have not tested the Ribble - Having said that the frame setup is very similar to my friends Ribble and I have ridden that with no probs so in terms of fit I think they are both good.

Obviously the Ribble saves a bit of weight and at the wheels too which I know makes a difference having said that the Triban has a Carbon back end so maybe a bit more comfortable plus 10spd Tiagra instead of 9spd Sora ?

Anyone got any of these - Thoughts ? I don't care about guard clearance or pannier eyelets etc as it will be used for big rides mainly in the summer or on dry days. My Hybrid is for foul weather.

Any other choice - I don't care about brand snobbery I always look for quality first, also I am 85-90kg so not the lightest rider and the roads around here are awful so I need something that can take a fair old beating and bashing



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