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Cube Peloton Race

defy3mandefy3man Posts: 68
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Brilliant!!! Just got myself a Cube Peloton Race 2012 model, white one with red & blue decals. Wanted one when they came out but thought £1000 was a bit much for something that may not last so went the Giant route. I have a Defy 2 just now so I guess that will be going, I'll probably post it in the classified section sometime.
Really looking forward to getting the Cube to see how it feels compared to the Defy plus it will give me fresh inspiration as most of this year I never seem to have had time to get on the bike. That will be changing over the next couple of weeks though. Will post update on my thoughts on the Cube when I have been on it a few times.


  • You'll probably want to change your user name then. Or not.

    Will you be treating us to pictures?
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  • Drat, never thought about that. Guess I will have to change it to Cube related :lol: . Will post some pics when I get it, will do a comparison shot alongside the Defy. Hopefully have it by the end of the week. Need to work a lot of Cadburys off now.
  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    come on...
  • Well here it is at last, after looking for one for well over a year now! It was delivered yesterday (Saturday) and the chap I bought it off had it packed brilliantly with absolutely everything protected. I actually gave him a bit more than what I won it for on eBay and when I see it I'm thinking to give him another £20 as he was such a genuine honest seller. I finally have it and in absolutely brilliant condition, can't wait to try it out when the weather dries up a bit here. Never realised it had 2 white spokes on each wheel till I started looking more closely at it yesterday, is this just a design thing? here's a pic taken in the spare room, I'll take a couple outside alongside my Defy 2 and then I suppose I'll need to get the Defy advertised for sale though that can wait till after the Festive season.
    11495008336[email protected]/11495019726/

    Sorry folks, can't seem to get image displayed in post, just the link.
    I would be grateful if someone could enlighten me as to how to do this. I have looked at relevant image hosting page but have no joy trying various ways. :cry:
  • A big Thankyou to Supermurph09 for getting the image to display. I will need to investigate further as to why I can't get images to display.
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