700c rear wheel for use on the turbo.

clembo Posts: 20
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Hi there

I am looking to purchase a 700c rear wheel to suit a shimano 10 speed cassette that would be used as a spare for use on the turbo only. Therefore nothing really fancy is required.

Currently contacting LBS but would welcome any online recommendations?

Thank you in advance !!


  • buckles
    buckles Posts: 694
    Why not use an old wheel? Seems a bit mad spending money on a new wheel just to use for turbo training.

    If you don't have any old wheels lying around just buy the cheapest wheel available.
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  • diamonddog
    diamonddog Posts: 3,426
    Have a look on flea bay. :)
  • marcusjb
    marcusjb Posts: 2,412
    Ask around friends/clubmates. People often have some really crappy old wheels lying about - as long as it is roundish and runs smoothish, then it will be fine for turbo use.
  • clembo
    clembo Posts: 20
    Cheers folks. I have no old wheels knocking about, else that would the first of call. Will look on ebay.
  • cougie
    cougie Posts: 22,512
    Have you tried turboing on your normal wheels ? Not all turbos destry tyres.

    Even a bit of accelerated tyre wear is probably cheaper than a turbo tyre block and wheel.
  • Have a look at the classified section, there might be a bargain waiting for you...
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