Garmin Edge 800 - problem with auto pause whilst riding

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Have An Edge 800, bought in September, which had been working with no issues.

Set up the GSC10 cadence monitor 2 weeks ago mainly for the turbo with a view to giving trainer road a try.

Short road ride Saturday with no issues.

Went for a ride today and kept continually auto pausing! Cadence was being picked up but speed kept showing 0. Stopped several times to check magnet and all else aligned correctly but no joy.

Relatively new cadence monitor with little use and is picking up cadence so battery should not be the issue?

Looking online suggestions that sensor may be bust and little I can do but send back.

Grateful for any suggestions and people's experiences.


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    Perhaps a daft question but did you try turning it off and on again? Every now and then mine does something odd.

    Alternatively turn off the cadence sensor and see if it still auto pauses and check the magnet alignments whilst at it.
  • Hard reset? ... es?caseId={38fcc6a0-cd2c-11e0-cf56-000000000000}

    If you do this, save any stored routes you want first.
  • after pressing the test button the sensor is flashing everytime the wheel magnet passes it? Cadence is green flash and speed is red or vice versa. If not magnet could be too far away.
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    mine did the same thing a few weeks back, the ride seemed fine when it was uploaded and hasn't done it since.

    one of the others guys i was riding with suggested it may have been due to the weather as it was quite misty that day, not sure what it was like where you were today
  • Thanks to all for taking the time to reply.

    Despite having the magnet pretty much touching the sensor it kept picking up cadence but not rear wheel.

    Tried a hard reset and now seems to be picking it up again.

    You'd almost think it was sulking about being out in the wild rather than chained to the turbo!
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    Despite having the magnet pretty much touching the sensor it kept picking up cadence but not rear wheel.

    I have never bothered with the rear wheel magnet unless I am using a turbo. The G800 defaults to measuring speed by GPS, which will only be a problem in tunnels etc. I never lose the signal even in dense woods on a wet cloudy day. Another tip I picked up on here was to use a rare earth magnet on the end of the pedal spindle (same diameter). This is far more effective and less hassle than the magnet that comes with the Garmin and works over a cap of over 1 cm.
  • The rear wheel one is a waste of time. Just let the gps calculate distance.

    As to auto pause. Just turn it off. Start it when you start your ride. Stop it when you are finished. Strava sorts out the dead spots anyway.
  • I prefer to use the speed sensor as gps live speed readings are inaccurate at times.
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    I gave up on the rear wheel magnet for this very reason.
    No matter how tight the magnet was it would always move on bumpy roads causing an auto pause.

    So now I just let the GPS calculate speed and it seems pretty accurate most of the time.
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    Biggest cause of drop-out is a low battery. Speed sensor is the first to go then cadence. The battery with a new unit could be quite old and should be replaced at the first sign of trouble. Also a good idea to 'reset' the GSC10 when fitting a new battery. When you take the old battery out put it back in the wrong way round for a few seconds. This resets the unit. Then fit the new one.
    Irregular signals from the GSC10 will cause auto pause to operate as the GPS takes time to realise that there is no GSC signal and to take over. You should have no trouble if the battery and magnet are OK.
  • Thanks for advice. Despite re checking and setting kept auto pausing. Shall try new battery and if continued troubles remove. Only wanted I cadence for turbo and was planning on giving Trainer Road a go in New Year.
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    If you want to use Trainer Road to get power calculations from a turbo you do need to have speed readings from a GSC10 or similar. Cadence is not needed but is recorded if present. It is also useful for high or low cadence workouts.
  • I had a similar issue with my 500, also showed max speeds in excess of 100mph (although I like to think that was correct).

    I moved the cadence sensor so it was sitting pretty central between magnet on wheel & on crank. You may need to play around with it for a while but it will get resolved if you tinker. Didn't find a hard reset to be of any help.
  • Thanks John T - yes realise need the sensor if want to get a "power" figure for TR

    Iamnot Wiggins - it has got better since the fiddle but so will spend a little bit more time tweaking. Funny that it did not seem to cause problems on turbo but plays up when on road.
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    Iron_Duke wrote:
    Thanks John T - yes realise need the sensor if want to get a "power" figure for TR
    You wont get a lot out of Trainer Road without it so don't join up until you have sorted it.
  • My sensor started playing up like this a few weeks back. Tried new batteries, resets, new magnets etc, but even if I got the sensor to read the spoke magnet, after a few minutes it would start to fail again. Reading these and other forums, it doesn't sound like the Garmin sensor is the most robust piece of kit.

    If you've got it sorted then great, but otherwise Garmin customer service are fantastic - they replaced mine under warrenty with no quibles within a couple of days of contacting them.

    For TR, the cadence is very useful.
  • Thanks Wavefront

    I've had it for a couple of months but only set up 2 weeks ago. I will try a new battery as no amount of fiddling with position seems to have improved things. If not will talk to Garmin as suggested.