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Bike weight? Which bike?

burntburnt Posts: 20
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Hello all,

Looking at a cross bike for some winter fun, but not sure what is considered a good weight.

I'd like as light as possible, good quality and bang for buck:
Planet X XLS at 8.64Kg (19lbs) - BB issues?
Eastway CX at 8.9Kg - too commuter focussed?

Any other options around £1500?



  • tgotbtgotb Posts: 4,714
    I really like the XLS as a race bike; mine built up a shade under 8kg, and I think that weight makes a difference for run-ups and hurdles. For general off-road riding (as opposed to racing) I'm not sure that weight would be quite such a big factor.

    No issues with the PF30 BB *yet*; I fitted it with the recommended Loctite and have been super-careful about cleaning, and it's mostly been a fairly dry season. That said, I tend to regard all CX bearings as consumables, and make a point of always having spares "in stock". I'm happy to replace the BB bearings a couple of times a season if necessary, and I figure that if the BB itself comes loose it'll be easy enough to knock it out and replace it. If you're more averse to ongoing maintenance, the more conservative option might be something like a Hollowtech BB.
    Pannier, 120rpm.
  • If you can stretch your budget slightly I can't speak highly enough of the Felt F-X range, I have last years F3X with discs and SRAM Red and I absolutely love it.

    It feels super light, handles like a dream and has taken everything I have throw at it in it's stride. I've been thoroughly impressed with it.

    Wiggle have the non disc F4X version here
  • burntburnt Posts: 20
    Nice option, I like that. I'd like discs so the looks pretty good. I'll check out some reviews.

    The Fuji Altamara also looks good but is a bit rich atm
  • If you are not racing, weight should not be a concern, as long as it's not massive. A nice frame geometry, a good quality set of forks and some decent wheels and tyres are more important.
    9 Kg is a good weight, mine is close to 10 Kg, but it's steel and I keep a heavy Brooks saddle.
    Genesis Vapour?
    The new Giant at 999 is an absolute bargain, but it's impossible to find anywhere
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