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I am going on a course in Twickenham in the new year. It= is at St Mary's university, I will be travelling from Dartford. Any route advice would be appreciated, The AA website reckons it is about 26miles.

Cheers in advance.


  • fair old distance, from Dartford pick up the A205 and follow that to richmond can just follow it over the river though St Margarets and Twickenham and to Strawberry Hill.

    I'd personally cut though Richmond park just after Putney up Pirory Lane, though to Ham gate, and over Ham Lock.

    I'd avoid going though Twickenham since they are digging up twickenham town center for the next few months, and St Mary's isn't in Twickenham, proper.

    I normally drive though Twickenham most days and traffic is horrible if you can avoid it do so.
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    Cheers Roger. I'll give it some thought. It's not the distance, it's the directions/route complexity.
  • Done a similar route several times cycling back to Richmond from Cyclopark. South Circular has quite a few lumpy bits, so you may find going via Lewisham, A202 to Camberwell, Coldharbour Lane/Acre lane then round across the top of Clapham Common into Battersea easier.
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    Cheers keyser
  • I can't speak to the first part of the route, but the second bit makes sense: from Putney to St Mary's.

    Looks like a good (well long) ride!

    - Jon
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