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Road Rage

bdave262000bdave262000 Posts: 270
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Have you ever been an innocent party caught up in a road rage incident. I've had this twice in the last month, this morning I was riding through Raynes Park and could hear a van beeping at a motorist in an Audi in front of him because he wasn't quick enough off the lights. When they got through the lights the traffic brought them both to a stop at which point the van driver started to rev his engine. I managed to filter past and got to the ASL, they were quite a few cars behind at this point and the van driver was beeping the same driver in front who was now deliberately holding him up. As I was going round the one way system on the inside lane of two lanes the van driver came revving up behind me with the Audi driver in the outside lane trying to cut in front of him. The van driver kept stopping, then when the Audi driver try to get in front the van driver would wheel spinning on the icy road to block him while only a couple of metres behind my back wheel.

On the second time of him doing this I got of the road, but in doing so hit a patch of ica and came off, no damage done. They were both so wrappped up in their little argument that I don't think they even noticed me.

Also had anothe one a few weeks ago where two drivers were trying to get ahead of each other when approaching a bottle neck. Both driver were serving to get ahead in fairly slow moving traffic and almost took me out.
Fat lads take longer to stop.


  • davieseedaviesee Posts: 6,473
    London. Innit?
    Wonderful place.
    None of the above should be taken seriously, and certainly not personally.

    I like to steer clear of road rage even when it doesn't involve me...

    Glad you got out OK!!

    On commute to work today I had a motorcyclist rev his engine behind me as if to say "get out of my way", I made no rush in my attempt to get out of his way, not going to jeopardise my safety for him......
    I ride with God on my mind and power in my thighs....WOE betide you!
    I know I'm not the fastest rider on earth BUT I KNOW I AM NOT the slowest!!!
    If you Jump Red Lights in order to stay ahead you are a DISGRACE!!
  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    What sad lives some folks must live. Does anyone know of any research into why people behave like that?
  • PufftmwPufftmw Posts: 1,941
    OKR/Peckham Park Road lights & a bloke in a BMW starts revving up behind a white van man/courier and tried to force a gap to his right to get past, which wasn't there, so he decides to force it to the left and dives into the bus lane, where I am :o I take avoiding action missing me by a foot, he completes his manoeuvre, cuts back in front of WVM and races off - all of 100m to get stuck in traffic again. I rode up to his open window and called him a donkey for nearly knocking me off my bike, to which he responds "I didn't hit you!" - no, that was more luck than judgement on his part :roll:

    I wonder what was the point of all that? He arguably made 1 space up in 100m at the expense of nearly injuring someone and damaging his car. Courier driver was driving seemingly normally as well.
  • kurakokurako Posts: 1,098
    I managed to filter past and got to the ASL

    In this instance I would have just waited behind them and let them get on with it. The worst place to be with impatient chav scum is in front.
  • Yes, I would have normally waited in a situation like this but there was a line of about 10 cars so I thought I would be long gone by the time they got through the lights. Note to self, next time wait behind chavs who are having a hissy fit with each other.
    Fat lads take longer to stop.
  • kurakokurako Posts: 1,098
    The whole area around Wimbledon is a PITA. Problem is lots of traffic being funneled through a limited number of road. Congestion in Wimbledon, Colliers Wood, South Wimbledon, Worple Road, Kingston Road.... The Raynes Park one way is completely stupid.... Limited space to cross the railway line and without meaning to appear too snobby but really its unavoidable lots of chavs in Morden/ Mitcham/ Sutton, etc......
  • The Rookie wrote:
    van plus audi - foregone conclusion really that it will kick off.....

    About as valid a comment as All cyclists jump red lights :roll:
  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Some folk really should not be behind the wheel !
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,748
    Brakeless wrote:
    The Rookie wrote:
    van plus audi - foregone conclusion really that it will kick off.....

    About as valid a comment as All cyclists jump red lights :roll:
    Argh, sorry, your humour detectors on the blink?

    But then we have the report of the BMW and van as well......stereotypes exist because by their nature there is an element of truth, is that not so?

    I am a red light jumping commuting cyclist who suffers a stack of road rage in my BMW and have no sense of self preservation as I ride a mountain bike and am a geeky nerd due to wearing glasses, just as well I'll never be a mother in law eh!
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