Broken Spoke - Spoke Length

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Just noticed that one of my spokes has snapped at the hub end, that explains why there is a slight wobble in it then :(

Bit of a long shot but does anyone know how I can find what spoke length I'd need to order to replace the broken one. I can't look at this until the weekend, but I'd like to have the spoke by then so I can sort it.

- BeOne Diablo Race 2012 road bike.
- EXAL XR3 700c wheelset, rear wheel non-drive-side spoke
- Shimano 105 (5700) hub


  • On checking the Exal website ( it lists 590 for the XR3, which I'm assuming would be ERD figure?

    If correct, I think* this gives 284.6mm as the rear non drive-side spoke length.

    * edit, although another online calculator gives 286.5 using the same values.
  • Well, we would just use a calculator, so if you have plotted the right numbers, including the hub ones, you've got the right answer
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    Stick a ruler on the wheel and measure from the centre of the spoke hole to the rim you should get the length to nearest mm at least you will now you are in the ball park. take published ERD's with a pinch of salt there are all kinds of errors out there. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • I'm not sure I've calculated the spoke length correctly (or the ERD wasn't right as suggested above), or I've read off the drive-side length instead of the non-drive side ... I went for 285mm. Anyway, once the spoke is brought up to similar tension to the other spokes on that side there is still about 2mm of thread showing.

    I have slightly longer spokes on order (287mm), but just wondering if it's safe enough to ride it like this with 2mm of spoke thread showing or if this risks the spoke breaking?
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    Well you rode with a broken spoke so it hardly any more risky riding with a spoke showing the leg sorry thread. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • If you use a longer nipple, with a longer inner thread you can compensate for that
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