Urgent Roller Question!!!

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Want some rollers with resistance and been waiting for these to come down in price but PX are not doing any deals on them at the moment;
http://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/TRSCPRGA/s ... um-rollers

so I check the PX website just now and see these;
http://www.planetx.co.uk/i/q/TRPXFIXMR/ ... st-rollers

Now I am no expert but they look the same and do the same job and have the same "technology" developed by PX and Sportscrafters. I think I will take a punt but can you let me know what you think i.e. are they the same but with PX branding hence the £100 saving???

May order tonight to get the discount and call the shop in the morning.


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    I have used the sportscrafter rollers which came from PX.....these are the ones without the resistance.....The confusion is,,,,the SC ones were around £130 a couple of months ago!

    I think PX own rollers look fine, but pricing the SC ones higher make them appear the relative bargain.
  • bmxboy10
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    Just in case anyone is interested the PX rollers with resistance turned up today. Really high quality Alu drums and the resistance unit really works. In the world of rollers not a bad deal IMO.
  • http://www.wiggle.co.uk/elite-ghibli-parabolic-rollers/

    These are great for the price and I find them to have comparable resistance to actually riding on the road when going up & down the gears the lip on the edge has come in handy when you have loss of concentration while watching films or at the end of a hard session when I tend to wonder slightly :)

    The only personal choice would be whether you wanted Alu rollers but I can testify the plastic rollers on the Elite's seem bombproof and are showing no wear after 1200 miles as good as the day i brought them.

    Hope this helps someone and all the best with your new purchase.
  • Solboy would you still recommend the planetx rollers? Want some aluminium rollers.

  • bmxboy10
    bmxboy10 Posts: 1,958
    Solboy would you still recommend the planetx rollers? Want some aluminium rollers.

    yes i would, they are excellent and are just what i wanted. cant see the point of the cycleops or sportscrafter equivilents. resistance unit works really well in fact too well for me at the moment!
  • Great thanks