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GarrigouGarrigou Posts: 145
edited March 2014 in Tour & expedition
Anyone else having a problem getting the Course Creator function on the route-planning website Bike Route Toaster to actually display maps? I've used it hundreds of times in the past (and find the elevation data to be much more accurate than on e.g. RideWithGPS or Map My Ride), but for about 10 days now there's just no map appearing when I click on 'Course Creator'. Grateful if anyone is aware of a fix. Had no response to an e-mail to the Help address mentioned on the site. Cheers.
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  • DaveMossDaveMoss Posts: 236
    yep, same problem for me.
    I hope it gets fixed because i use it loads.
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  • pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264

    It appears to be terminal :(

    However I have used bikehike and ride with gps and both do the job.
  • aztecboyaztecboy Posts: 384
    Great News.....

    Bike Route Toaster Offline - 7th January 2014

    Unfortunately is currently offline. This is due to version 2 of the Google Maps API no longer being available.
    Upgrading to version 3 is not a simple process and will require an almost complete rewrite of the application. For this reason the site will remain offline for the next few weeks.

    We are working hard to get he site up and running again as soon as possible, and we are sorry for the inconvenience this has casued.

    Thank you for supporting Bike Route Toaster.
  • aztecboyaztecboy Posts: 384
    BRT is back!!!
    I have to say the revamp looks pretty amazing.
    A serious chapeau to BRT for having done this for the global biking community out of the goodness of their hearts.
    It was always the best for me and looking forward to getting some new routes planned
  • drlodgedrlodge Posts: 4,826
    Yes its back, and all my routes are still there. However I may move to mapmyride now, I find the new BRT user interface rather cluttered and I've got used to MMR.

    One big advantage with MMR is the ability to edit routes very easily - with BRT you can only do this before you save the route, not after the event (unless they've changed it).
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  • prb007prb007 Posts: 703

    BRT is too cluttered and just got out of the habit of using it,
    as it was on the fritz for so long...
    Like some of the bells & whistles and the ease of use of gpsies..
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