Converting Bianchi FlipFlop hub to 7 speed

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Anyone know an axle I could use to do this.
It uses cartridge bearings. 10mm I.D. (10mm axle) The space between the bearings is 86.1mm.
I just need a longer axle to get 7 cogs on.
Was looking at a DMR Revolver 10mm/cassette axle for 8.99 on CRC but have no idea whether or not it's 86.1mm.
Any help appreciated.


  • I'm not even sure its possible to do that to a track hub. Is it even worth it though. You must be able to pick up a servicable 7 speed hub for peanuts on ebay. Cheapest 9/10 speed hub I've seen new is a Tiagra one for £6 though I can't remember where.

    I'm assuming you are going to build a new wheel for it, otherwise you will need to re-dish the whole wheel, which will probably need new/different length spokes. Once you've factored that in it may be cheaper to buy a new wheel. Fairly sure the Bianchi hub isn't going to be that amazing anyway.
  • Monty Dog
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    Check your frame rear drop-out width - most SS/fixed frames are 120mm whereas road hubs for gears are 130mm so doubt your frame will accept gears anyway. Likely you'll struggle to fit gear mechs / cables too.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..