Retouching crank arm

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I found a great cycling position, quite a neutral cleat position and have been hapy all year. However, I now realise the inside of my shoes has gentle rubbed the black paint off the crank arms. No damage has been done. Any thoughts as how to retouch the cranks arms, or just accept the wear?
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  • cycleclinic
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    Some crankset have more heal clearance than others. That expensive though. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • bucks
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    you could get some crankskins
  • JayKosta
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    To move your feet outwards, use a spacer the pedal spindle threads.
    I made spacers by cutting a 1/8 inch section of plastic water pipe that fit easily over the pedal threads (it does compress slightly when the pedal is tightened on the crank).

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