Excessive Advertising? Spoil BR page!

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What the hell is going on with Bike Radar Forum Pages? Ads creeping across the page; side panels full of ads!

How do I get back to just the BR page without all this unwanted advertising? Page is much smaller now and has less control of use.


  • A d Blocker is your friend.
  • Bozman
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    Brakeless wrote:
    A d Blocker is your friend.

    +1 I installed it when they started the new layout and it killed the lot.
  • Anonymous
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    Guess that would block all ad's and not just the annoying ones that put me off bothering to pay a visit to the site though?
  • Grill
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    So you want ads as long as they're not too intrusive? Really? REALLY?
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  • I do. No ads = no BikeRadar.

    I'm with the OP though, the ads that take over the whole screen are bloody annoying. I'd be happy with a few banners though.
  • Agree about the partial ads. Am completely happy to get some related adverts to pay for the site (and to draw me into buying things I don't need) but the full page adverts and bouncing page when you try to click on a link have become too much, making the site painful to use.
  • There have been a few similar threads of late.
    Unfortunately 'they' are not listening :?
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  • Sprool
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    well the ads seem to have disappeared from my screen now, thank god - i thought they were very intrusive and damned annoying, if they continued, I would probably have stopped visiting the forum. May be they are listening?
  • Monkeypump
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    Have just become victim of the latest wave of ridiculous ads. Whole page splashes that cover everything? Half-page adds that move the page down? 5 of these in the time it took me to navigate from my original page to typing this message?


    However, the chance of modmins looking at this and (god forbid) doing something about it is less than zero. They're too busy locking threads and banning people for no obvious reason (because that's far easier).
  • supersonic
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    Indeed. The site developers are aware of it, we raise it constantly. Some have been actioned, others are to be sorted, please can people add comments constructively on them ie browser, OS, platform and a screenshot if possible. We will then pass them on. I, Jeff, Nick and the mods cannot alter the adverts.

    As for mods banning people for 'no obvious reason', please don't comment on things you have no idea about. You don't see what some people post, reported PMs, reported posts and private complaints.
  • I'd rather not use adblock and it seems it's not available for android anyway.
    My issues using a nexus 7 are the side bar advertising which means I have to resize the screen constantly to make it readable and the largevads at the top of the screen which constantly force the screen down when trying to read the page. Makes it quite difficult to read the site.

    Edit. I like the auto name replace of the software which must not be named! :mrgreen:
  • supersonic
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    Now locked, please see sticky.
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