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Want to find out about people's experiences of riding at the Manchester Velodrome. Had a look on their site and there seems to be so many different choices and options to pick from.

Was basically wanting to turn up and ride it (own bikes), now I am aware we will probably have some kind of training or coaching involved etc... which is anyone ridden it recently?


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    did an introductory session a few months back - first time for me on a fixie and a track. Great experience, shattered at the end of it. Not so much coaching but just some safety pointers, then when they see you can ride without wiping out everyone else they just let you get on with it. A great hours experience I would recommend to anyone into cycling.
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    I took my daugher (11) earlier this year. First time on fixie and on the track for me too, once you get going its great fun, and as said, if they trust you, they let you crack on. You think you really have to blast it to stay up on the banking and you end up blasting until youre nearly sick! Despite riding very regularly I 'really' ached afterwards.
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    Mate of mine did an introductory half-day there the other week, hired a bike and shoes. He absolutely loved it and will be going back in the new year

    Quite tempted to go with him next time!
  • I'm assuming if you're intending on bringing your own bikes they are track bikes? Even if they are track bikes, double check that they comply to the requirements for Manchester (on website). If you're not accredited, you're limited to Taster Sessions. If you have accreditation at Glasgow, Calshott or Newport, you can apply for provisional accreditation and, once that comes through, book onto SQT sessions.
  • I did one of their taster sessions some months back and loved it. I have since managed to get on some training sessions once a month with a large group...doing different types of race and riding behind the derny...cracking experience. It becomes a bit addictive to be honest...back there again on 21st Dec...bring it on!