Venge or S-works sizing advice XS-S

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Can anyone who rides these Specalized models give some advice on sizing and what frame size and stem they are using.
The challenge is that the rider is at the upper limit of the 49 and the Lower of the 52, hence the question.

Concept Stores don't have either in stock hence would be grateful for advice.

Specifically looking at Venge Pro.



  • Just how tall are you?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • mickisup
    mickisup Posts: 295
    Rider I am buying for is 165cm, around 5'5".

    Many thanks
  • carrock
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    My wife is that height and rides a 54 ruby ( with a 53 top tube ) and 90mm stem.
  • Monty Dog
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    Aesthetically, a bigger frame with a shorter (plus inline) seatpost and stem won't look as good as a smaller frame with longer, setback seatpost and regular stem. I'm similar height and generally ride a 53cm toptube frame - the S has a 537mm toptube might be a fair stretch and don't kid yourself an inline seatpost is the solution. Presuming you're buying a bike to maximise your performance / racing, then the smaller frame will feel more 'nippy' and sharper handling
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  • diamonddog
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    mickisup wrote:
    Rider I am buying for is 165cm, around 5'5".

    Many thanks
    Same size as me and if I was to buy it would be the 49, agree with Monty Dog on the 52 it would feel a bit stretched IMO.