Winter Upgrades

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Hello everybody, as the title suggests i am looking to upgrade my bike over the winter mainly as a cost saving measure so that i will not have to purchase a new bike. The bike i have at the moment is a 2009 Carrera Fury 18" from Halfords (yes i know it sounds bad) and this bike is honestly the best frame geometry i have every tried. It has such an upright position that supports you when going downhill but does not hinder it's uphill riding capacity. The spec it came with was fantastic for the price, Suntour Epicon forks and avid juicy 3 brakes.

So anyway, i'm going off on a tangent, i saw a post on this website not too long ago that showed someone who had upgraded the very same bike and they had given it a blue theme which is something i would really like to do. I have so far sourced some components from which include blue special edition Nukeproof 760mm handlebars, blue special edition Nukeproof Neutron pedals, blue Hope Mono Mini-M4 saw disk brake rotors (180mm and 160mm), blue clarks birdcage lock-on grips. I am also considering a blue special edition Nukeproof inline seatpost, but money is a factor and i am not sure as of yet whether i can afford it or not.

So what i would really like to ask the people of this site is whether or not these disk brake rotors ( will work with the existing disk brakes on my bike. To remind you which brakes are actually on the bike here is a full specification list of the bike - . Any help will be appreciated and i am new to this site so sorry if there is anything wrong with this post. Let me know if you need something so that you can help me further and i will try to be best of assistance. I will post a photograph before and after it has been upgraded eventually.