shimano 9 speed road/mtb compatability

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I'm currently running 9 speed tiagra/sora on my winter trainer/commuter bike.I'm planning a tour in France for next year and was wondering if I could run a 9 speed shimano mtb mech (m592) with my shifters which would allow me to gear down to 26in(11-36 cassette).


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    9spd is interchangeable.
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    The m952 is OK, but if you get a different rear mech, watch out for "low normal" versions that will shift the wrong way.
    Note also that Road/MTB front derailleurs aren't interchangeable.
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    don't use a 10spd mech, as the pull ratio is different.

    9spd is only officially capable of 34t but there's a fairly even chance that you'll be okay with 36t, with a tweak of the tension screw.
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  • Thanks for the replies. I'm running a compact chainset and can't justify expense of triple chainset/new shifters so I'm leaving the front alone. Tour will be BnBing so not carrying loads of gear,I should be o.k.
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    maddog 2 wrote:
    don't use a 10spd mech, as the pull ratio is different.

    This means MTB 10sp mech - 8/9/10sp road mechs are interchangeable