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As I do all of my cycling alone I thought I might like to try a recumbent. However after spending a bit of time Googling I can't seem to find any dealers anywhere close. (I live in South Yorkshire).
Does anyone know where I can go to try one? The only dealers I can find are in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow; all a bit too far for me.


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    There aren't many - there is laid back bikes up in edinburough

    Or Kevin Dunsheath down at little thetford (Dtek)

    I ve been down to DTEK - and its one hell of journey - however its pretty much essential - he has a stack of bikes you can try and is a really friendly guy....

    Any ideas what recumbent you are after - Ive just brought my first Bent - a Bacchetta giro 20 - its highly regarded as a good first recumbent .....let me know if you want any more info...