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A little XC vid

Cat With No TailCat With No Tail Posts: 13,581
edited December 2013 in Your pics and vids
Remembered today that I've not used the Go-pro in AGES. So busted it out with my hippymobile rigid 29er and had a quick blast round my local XC loop (where I'll be racing next Sunday).

Rad, sick, gnar, Xtreme to the max, mad skillz!...... All words which can never be applied to anything on this video.

I've discovered that in addition to being the only worthwhile mount for a camera, the chest mount also works REALLY well when you fasten it round a tree to get static shots. See, CWNT breaking out the old ingenuity again.

Edited on the new version of Windows Movie maker.

By the way, does anyone know how you make videos on youtube default to HD instead of 90s mobile phone quality 360p?
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