GT, Giant, Specialized or Mongoose?

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After having 2 brand new mongoose and specialized bikes stolen from work a couple of years ago I gave up riding, now my employer have joined the cycle to work scheme so I'am considering getting another. It will be used for trial/offroad mainly and probably only once or twice a week and not much road riding so from what I read a hardtail would be best. So I have narrowed down the options to a few bikes, but I want to make 100% sure I choose the right one for my needs, I know its hard without testing them but from riding mongoose and specialized before I know what to expect. So out of these choices, which one would be the best for my needs?

Giant Talon 29er 2 2014 Mountain Bike
Giant Revel 2 2014 Mountain Bike
GT Aggressor 1.0 2014 Mountain Bike
Mongoose Tyax Sport 29er 2014 Mountain Bike
Specialized Hardrock Disc 2014 Mountain Bike
Saracen TuffTrax Comp Hydro Disc 29nr 2014 Mountain Bike
Saracen Mantra 2014 Mountain Bike
Felt Six 60 2013 Mountain Bike
Felt Nine 70 2014 Mountain Bike

I know its a large list, but I havent got a clue as to who is the best manufacturer or uses the best ancillaries etc?

Many thanks, Ben