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Hi guys, i have been using caad10 for 2 years really love it. Now it is time for buying new wheel. I weight approx 240lbs. With 6feet tall.

My options for my new wheel are

1. Vision metron40
2. Vision trimax t42
3. Vision trimax t30
4. Dura ace c35
5. Fulcrum 2 ways

I look for all around type of wheel which one you think it is best or any comment or extra choice is ok



  • quite a difference in feel and quality between the 5 you mention
    if its a stiff and maybe unforgiving wheel set you're after vision trimax may be good.
    dura ace is king in terms of maintainance-friendly hubs and truing good all=rounder
    fulcrum racing (3,2,1,0) in my opinion is the worst of both worlds. stiff and not a pleasure to maintain.

    myself/ i have ridden and raced every iteration of reynolds assault and absolutely swear by it.
    mind you i'm a lighter rider, but i think a lot of people may benefit from this wheel excellent pick up,
    all-round speed, agility and aerodynamics and most of all quite forgiving nature.

    I think you are gonna have a lot of people ask what kind of riding you do and what area you live in.

    good luck with making yourself a trick ride.
  • I upgraded the wheels on my caad10 to campagnolo zondas. So far I'm very impressed, having ridden around 700miles. Much better than the stock rs10's and good value too.
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    If I were you, at your weight, I would go for the strongest wheelset which may be the one with the most spokes.

    I am about 30kg lighter than you and would still choose based on strength first.

    However if you're loaded and don't care about strength or durability, go for the blingest pair.
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