Rebuild Speedplay pedals kit

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Anyone know if this kit is any good? At £15 inc postage it looks like an amazing deal (compared to buying the bearings and pedal rebuild kits) expecially as it includes the needle bearings which can only be bought as part of the much dearer pedal body kit. What do you think - are these cheap poor quality bearings or just cheap cause they are free of the marketing premium costs? ... 3cd925af52


  • Looks pretty good and at that price I'd say it's worth a go. Looks to be the bearings only though so I imagine you would still need the very expensive pedal body kit to do a proper rebuild.

    I can't say if the bearings on offer there are good quality (they may rust/die quickly, they may not) or if they're the right size but I do know that the bearings you need are all industry standard so in theory it isn't hard to buy them independent of the specific kits. I suspect this buyer has done that, added 20% for margin and sold them on.
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    I suspect this buyer has done that, added 20% for margin and sold them on.
    This^^^ Which is not to say it isn't a good deal. You would have to spend some time determining the size of the bearings then search where to buy and get good quality plus measure O-rings so for not a bad price for the kit. Hard to tell the quality of the bearings but even good ones will not be too expensive. If you decide to get this you may want to move fast as Speedplay tend to go after anyone selling parts for their pedals not licensed by SP. :twisted:
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    Speedplay don't like users to know that all spares are non-proprietary, industrial consumables available for a fraction of their over-priced spares kits.
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