Tubular glue to remove or not?

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I bought some tubular wheels which have some glue left on them.

I have no idea what brand of glue/cement it is, I do know it recent (6 months ish).

Should I try and remove it or just tidy it up and glue over the top?

The rims are carbon (ProLite Bracciano).




  • As long as there's not loads or all lumpy, just glue over the top.
  • It's not too bad, probably one tyres worth.

    Not worth worrying about mixing glues then?

    What would you recommend I clean the existing glue with, it's picked up all sorts of fluff and bits?
  • Don't bother. New thin layer of glue will dissolve the old glue anyway. If anything it will create a better bond.
  • Going to use conti glue (with Gatorskin Sprinter tubs), not sure on using std stuff or carbon specific??
  • Skinner2k3 wrote:
    Going to use conti glue (with Gatorskin Sprinter tubs), not sure on using std stuff or carbon specific??

    I use Conti standard on carbon rims, it doesn't seem to make any difference.

    The best mechanic in our town (40 years experience) does the same.
  • Good, that's what I was leaning towards. The carbon stuff sounds a bit of a pig to apply.

    Any tips on cleaning up the residue Berni? Don't want to use something that will break it down if I am leaving it on there!

  • I really wouldn't worry about it.

    I think what Pippi means is that that the new glue will simply bond better on the old glue.

    If you read the Conti instructions they recommend putting loads of layers on the rim and the tyre; you already have your base layer, so just apply one coat to the rim, and one to the new tyre. Leave overnight.

    Next day, apply a new coat to tyre and whack it on. Job done. (Tip; give it full beans when you pump it up; 160psi+. this helps to straighten the tyre out).

    If you really, really want to get the residue off, it's a long job; I still haven't found a product that does it easily; white spirit, brake cleaner, etc. all work to some extent, but not great.
  • That's fine, I get that the new glue will bond to the existing glue.

    What I mean is the glue that's already there has picked up all sorts of debris and it doesn't seem right putting new glue over the top.

    I don't want to remove the glue (well, I do but can't be arsed!), just get all the bits out of it. Is there something that will clean the glue, but not contaminate it?
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    Petrol and a rag will get it off - wear gloves, takes about 5mins a rim, conti carbon glue is one layer rim/tub then a layer on tub and fit
    they rec you apply to clean rim.

    Vittoria Mastic, is easy to apply too, check their website for instructions.

    Conti std glue is multi layer.
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    for ease and luxury, schwalbe's tub glue remover is the best

    apply, leave for 30-40 minutes, glue almost falls off

    only downside is cost vs. white spirit, petrol etc., one tube is enough to do 2 rims
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
  • Cheers chaps. I have some conti std on its way and have since cleaned up the old glue a bit.

    Looks like there may have been a couple of different glues used previously, some is clear and still quite tacky then other bits are a lot harder and look darker?

    I was going to leave it all on as above, but I have decided to give cleaning them a go for my own sanity. I won't in future but I want to know what I am starting from.

    Hadn't seen the schwalbe stuff, will look at that.

    Thanks all