Anyone got a Roubaix SL4 disc?

Robbie Rotten
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Hi, has anyone got a 2014 Roubaix SL4 disc (the £1500 one)..?

I am trying to find out if it's compatible with the Specialized "Plug and Play" mudguards. From what I've read it has holes in the trailing edges of the forks / seatstays for them to be fitted, just wanted confirmation from someone who owns one.



  • mattv
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    I will try to see on one at work tomorrow if no-one has replied by then.
  • Yeah it does.
  • Thanks very much. The Specialized bods on their own website site seem to be a bit confused at the moment about this.

    This is pretty much the only CF frame (endurance) road bike with disc brakes and fittings for mudguards then, in this price range...makes it rather tempting.
  • Brynd
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    Looking at the Specialized web page photos I can see mudguard plug and play mounts on the Secteur models but not on the Roubaix. Also mudguard mounts are listed for the Secteur but not the Roubaix and the disc brake caliper is higher up on the Secteur which will give room for the guard stays. So looks no go for the Roubaix to me.
  • This is where I read about it (if this will let me post links) : ... -look.html

    scroll down 3 models, where it says: "Notable features include the neat, internal cable routings (four ports at the headtube) and grommets on the trailing edge of the fork blades and seatstays into which Specialized’s new ‘plug and play’ mudguards can be easily screwed. These are a feature only of Specialized’s disc-equipped bikes."

    I've not found any other sources to confirm this, hence asking for first hand info before pulling the trigger.
  • We got them in my work and the mounts came in the bag with the manual. We do have one on display with the mounts fitted.
  • That's great, thanks for the confirmation.
  • Did you get one in the end? I'm very tempted to go disc on summer bike and this seems like the best option for under 2k . Would be interested to hear a review from someone who actually has one