Winter Bike Upgrade

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With my road bike safely locked up for the winter I have gone back to my Hybrid bike for winter use. It is a Giant Roam 2 (2011). I have started to look at possible upgrades and was thinking about putting some forks on and new wheels to make it a bit lighter. Bearing in mind I am completely clueless with regard to spec / type to look for :oops: can anyone point me in the right direction (it is an 8 speed cassette)


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    Has it got suspension forks or something ?

    A hybrid is always gonna struggle compared to a road bike as you are more upright and less aero.

    I'd probably not bother upgrading it but put the cash towards a proper winter road bike. Ribble do them for £600 or so.
  • You could change the forks, but it's a lot of hassle and pretty expensive, even if you get cheap ones. You probably don't stand to lose much wheel weight (as if you need to) - MTB and hybrid wheels are often heavier set to reflect their use, and a 38mm tyre is going to weigh more than a 23.

    You can't expect a hybrid to ride like a road bike. If you want to spend money, buy an old money reliable steel road bike that can take full guards and snow tyres; THAT is a winter bike.

    But why have you locked the road bike away anyway?
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    I think the Giant Roam has suspension forks and 40mm tyres so I wouldn't try to make it into a road bike. It looks a nice bike - I looked at buying one a few years ago when I was looking at hybrids. If I was you I'd just try to get some mudguards on it if you want, and enjoy riding it in winter. It won't be as fast as your road bike, but that shouldn't bother you, as you can still keep up your fitness and have a comfortable winter ride.
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    If it's got suspension forks and is purely used on road than a solid front fork might be the best option. Zero maintenance and less weight. - Quality Binoculars at a Sensible Price.
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