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There is a good chance that I will, at last, be in the fortunate position of being able to buy myself a "serious" (for me) road bike after 2 years on my second hand Allez.

I have had a bit of a look round and nothing has quite caught my eye like this:

http://www.onyourbike.com/product/11111 ... a-2013.php

I will be buying from a shop (On Your Bike in Birmingham) and paying cash

I realise that I need to ride the thing to make sure its the right size/shape/etc

If I buy this, I am unlikley to buy another bike for many years and want to make sure I'm getting the best bang for my buck.

I would appreciate any advice on the following:

1) Would anyone advise against buying a Wilier and Why? (I know it has Shimano and I don't care!)
2) If buying a bike of this ilk from a shop for this kind of money, are they likely to throw in a bike fit FOC? (One of the reasons I chose this shop is that they do bike fits and was hoping they might include as the bike alone can be got cheaper of of the internet)
3) Are there any of the components that I should be asking for them to upgrade or change (notwithstanding those that would be changed as a result of the bike fit)
4) Any idea on how long the 2013 model is likely to be available for?

Many thanks
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  • pirnie
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    For what it's worth I've had a Wilier Gran Turismo for about a year now and love it. Great bike, and all the guys in my bike shop seem to like them, over Trek and Cannondale which they also sell.

    I test rode that model Izoard XP before buying my bike, and it's a great bike. If it's anything like my experience it'll be a serious upgrade from an Allez.

    As for the bike fit, if you don't ask you don't get! I managed to get one thrown in with my bike, and some discount so it can happen.
  • I went from an Allez to an Izoard XP in late 2010 - it's a great bike/frame! I've moved on from it now but I rode it for nearly 3 years and loved every mile.
  • upgrade on the tires if you may.
    the rest you cant go wrong.
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    It's a great frame, upgrade the saddle and the wheels and you have a lightweight do it all sportive/racing bike.

    And as mentioned by others the tyres, those supplied are honestly only fit for the bin or turbo trainer duties.
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    Thanks all

    Very much appreciated - I hope to go and do the first recce on Saturday and see what kind of deal I can strike. For me, if not a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, this is certainly a once-in-a-very long-time one! Business has been really poor over the past couple of years but it's just come good and I thought I'd treat myself.

    I'm not really into the whole sportive or club thing - generally ride on my own or with the mrs or mates and just want something a little better than entry level that will get me up to the 100 mile weekend ride and perhaps a trip to France or two.

    Any recommendations as to the tyres that I should change to? Also, although "On Your Bike" looks fine, does anyone know of any other shops in the Midlands (east or west) that sell Wilier bikes?
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    tyres - Conti 4 seasons

    lovely bike. A Wilier would be about the only brand that would tempt me off a Bianchi.
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    Thanks t4tomo
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    I've got a 2011 Izoard, before they started fitting FSA cranks and crap tyres.

    Lovely bike, all day comfy yet light enough. Go for it.
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    Well, I eventually found one (despite many websites saying they had them, there were none in stock even with Wilier UK).

    Went to see it on Saturday, inspected it, rode it and loved it.

    Quick word with the wife to make sure I wouldn't be transgressing any hitherto unmentioned household budgeting issues - Got the bike for £1500 and negotiated a full bike fit for £80.

    Just about to call and put the deposit down. Can't wait!!

    By the way, the shop is Baines Cycles at Silverstone circuit. Great place - the workshop is as big as the shop itself and fantastically helpful and knowledgeable staff - worth a look if you're in the area.
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