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Putney Bridge South Bound LRR tactics

SewinmanSewinman Posts: 2,131
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I cross the above every day and seem to do it differently each time with varying degrees of success. Sometimes I go right lane and middle of the road, sometimes I go bus lane and get stuck over to the left, sometimes a bit of both. It is the one bit of my commute that I haven't got a good strategy for and is therefore a bit hairy.

Any strategies out there?



  • I base my decision on the traffic movement. If the traffic is stopped all the way to the LRR lights, then stay left and cut across at the end, or the same again but at the first set of lights, just short of the LRR junction. If its difficult to tell whats going to work, my fallback plan is to merge right about mid bridge.

    I'm not sure there's a single foolproof method, but I too am open to suggestions

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  • pangolinpangolin Posts: 3,349
    Yeah it all depends on the amount of traffic and what the lights are doing. If both sets are red it's easy to stay left then get across right at the end. If the first set has gone green start merging a lot sooner.
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  • tgotbtgotb Posts: 4,714
    Stay in the bus lane, and anticipate lights towards far end. If you can pass them before they turn green, do so and then move right; if you can't, slot into the middle lane approaching the lights, and remember to give the driver behind you a wave of thanks.

    For anyone reading this who doesn't know the junction, the bus lane goes around the lights; the first manoeuvre does not require the running of a red light...
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  • SewinmanSewinman Posts: 2,131
    That all makes sense, the traffic is very variable. I think I need to work out the light sequence then, because I seem to get it wrong quite often.

    If anyone's interested. This streeview also shows how clogged up it can be!

    - Jon
    Commuting between Twickenham <---> Barbican on my trusty Ridgeback Hybrid - url=]strava[/url
  • Noticed on 'silly commuter racing' thread, link to information on possible closure for maintenance on Putney Bridge.
  • I avoid crossing Putney Bridge at all costs if I can help it. I leave work from Holborn and sometimes do the 'long' ride home along the Thames towpath, and used to cross Putney Bridge and turn right, but it was always hairy. I now get over the river well before then, come up Putney Bridge Rd and turn left at the south end of the bridge - much safer!

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  • Hang around the buses. The buses in the bus lane trigger the first lights to go red to allow them to turn right across traffic.
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