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Evening all

I'm starting to get frustrated with the lack of braking from my sora brakes. The plan long term is to upgrade to 105, but will better pads help in the short term? I'm assuming replacing calipers without levers is pointless??

If so can anyone recommend pads please?



  • Thanks oxoman - pads it is.

    But which ones? Will I need the carriers aswell as pads?
  • kentphil
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    Don't think sora brakes have replaceable pads. You need to buy the cartridge too. You can then just change the pads in the future. My 105 brakes are great, so just get some 105 cartridges with pads perhaps?
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  • Thanks for your comments guys.

    So I need to get cartridge holders it seems. Can I buy any holders?

    So, my ultimate plan is to move to 105 groupset. Is it worth buying 105 calipers with better pads? Will they work with Sora levers? Will the 105 calipers on sora levers be better than the full sora set up?