Giant frame flaking/crumbling

warrior4life Posts: 925
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This isn't a rant against Giant bikes.
I just wondered has anyone had issues with paint flaking and crumbling on the Defy advanced?

Just over a year ago I purchased a Defy advanced with sram force, it was a US (I believe) import all done legit through Giant.
I've probably done 3500-4000 miles on the bike and not in terrible conditions, It's never been crashed or dropped, the bike has never been abused at all but the paint is dropping to bits.
The bolt holding the cable guide under the BB has dropped out and the bonding has flaked away, all around the bottle cages the paint is flaking and also around the fork crown, the frame has small marks everywhere.
I had a TCR before this bike and the paint and finish where great, I'd say Giant are as good as any bike out there and I've not heard of this before so just though I'd put it out there and see if it's a one off?

I was actually stripping the frame to sell when I noticed how bad it was, it's with Giant now and I believe they will get back to me with the outcome... Not sure what to expect on this one.