Help with Castelli Mortirolo Due Jacket Sizing.

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Looking at buying myself the Castelli Mortirolo Due Jacket, but need help in the sizing if possible please, I am 5' 11", 32 inch waist, 38 inch chest, weigh 65kg.
Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks.


  • trek_dan
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    I'm same chest size, inch shorter and an inch smaller waist and a medium fits perfect for me. Not sure if that'll knock you up to a large or not, I would well imagine a medium would be fine.
  • I reckon the Med would be a good fit. I am 6'0" - 32 inch waste, 40 inch chest and have a Large. Their jackets seem to be the only items they sell that are a reasonable size. No real need to go up a size or 3 like all their other stuff!
  • relanium
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    Thanks for the help guys - I shall take a chance and order a medium, hopefully it will fit.
  • relanium
    relanium Posts: 487
    Not sure if this might help, but I have a Castelli Espresso Due Jacket in size medium, are the sizing on the Espresso & the Mortirolo the same?