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Ciocc Morpho any opinions?

MerlydogMerlydog Posts: 58
edited December 2013 in Road buying advice
Both my partner and I have decided to upgrade to carbon as xmas prezzies this year (no kids :lol: )

She likes labels and has gone for the Cervelo (see my other posts in this forum), I however like to be different and prefer to stick with 'different' rather than mainstream Trek style bikes. Not that I'm knocking mainstream in anyway here, more money = better technology etc but I do like to be different.

I'm mulling over a Ciocc Morpho 2008 with full Dura Ace, SRAM SL wheels, Pro evo bars and so on and so forth...

My only real reservation is the ride, i'm doing LEJOG next year and need to be comfy, I've ridden a few different bikes and found some comfier than others, surprisingly so sometimes! I have 34" inside legs and a fairly short body (some say weird, I prefer different :lol: )

Any comments on the bikes at all, theres very little info on the net actually.


  • Nothing at all?
  • carefulcareful Posts: 720
    Since nobody else has replied, your thread motivated me to google Ciocc and my only comment is while I can undersatand your attraction to Ciocc, the Morph is IMO their ugliest frameset. Sorry about the not very helpful response but if you are looking for something special, I suspect this is not it.
  • Old Ciocc frames were highly regarded in Italy and not only in Italy. It is an hystoric brand with a lot of heritage. What happened then I am not sure... do they make their own frames or they outsource the production to the far east? Again, no idea.
    Many top Italian frame builders of the past (i.e. Gios) are no longer competitive in their aluminium and carbon offerings, with the likes of Specialized, Giant etc...
  • I has a morph a few years back which was an ex team bike and it was really really good. If I saw one again in the right size I would buy one again. Opinions on the looks were very varied, but the geometry was spot on and it rode like a dream.
    63 miles to go and the break is up the road
  • Well I went to ride it this afternoon, Christ what a bike. Light as a feather and responsive, smooth but stiff. It was however too racey for me. It would have been great for short distances but long distance like I'm going to be doing no way! It was mint too! Pro carbon bars, dura ace throughout and spotless. I personally liked the look of it, different to the commercial frames on offer at present.
    Really surprised they didn't take off, the chap said he bought it back from America in 08. Shame, my search continues :)
    Thanks guys.
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