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Abysmal riding

gingamangingaman Posts: 576
edited November 2013 in Road general
In the vain hope the guy is on BR,

You are a f*ckwit of the highest order.

There was someone crossing at that red light you jumped.

Richmond road outside the queens head pub in Kingston an hour ago.

She was crossing with a child in a pushchair and 3 small children walking with her, and she was screaming her head off at you because you blazed through a red light, swerving around the children, at about 25 mph :shock:


Bad enough to RLJ, but to have to swerve around 3 small children and a mother with a pushchair? Not that hard to squeeze a brake now, is it?



  • Mikey23Mikey23 Posts: 5,306
    Sad and pathetic... I'm sure there will be some contributors later on who would argue that it was right and proper to behave in this way...
  • I am frankly getting a bit fed up of these insulting threads... this is not the way we operate here. Read the rules and serve a (short) ban
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