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Watching Giro on the Stelvio

tomilinski1tomilinski1 Posts: 96
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Very early I know - but i've just bought my euro tunnel tickets!

I'm going down with the family to watch Stage 16, which fortunately is in half term!
I'm planning on camping on the Stelvio itself if possible.

How early will I need to be there? I hopefully should be able to be there the day before but I'm not sure when the road is closed - or how to find this info?

I've been to the tour a few times in the mountains but always stayed off route and ridden up the mountain on the day.

Any assistance welcomed!
Bring back the original C4 Tour theme tune !

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  • Last time I went it was no cars up at all from the north side. You could drive up to the village about a third of the way up then it was shuttle busses thereafter (3 euros) Bit of a lottery coming back as there were not enough busses. I walked most of the way back down before getting the last bus of the day.

    Worth it though.

    ps we really struggled to get something decent to eat just because of the queues /lack of organisation. I had a bit of a hangover and definitely felt the cold/altitude tot he extent I was having to hold onto a pole to stay upright :oops:

    You get very close to the riders - it's almost like the finish of an amateur race.

    I heard one of the one of the Vaco riders ( I dont think it was de Gendt ) say to a helper ' I can't see at all, everything is black'. She didnt seem that concerned and went off to get some sugar lumps from a cafe. It seemed a bit bizarre :shock:
  • That anecdote reminds me of the account of Uran finishing last year - he was disorientated and continued riding on after the finishing line - one of the Sky swannies had to run after him and make him turn around.

    Must be the Stelvio Effect
  • Thanks guys.
    I'll be in a vw camper - so trying to get it there early enough to set up and be encamped for the day (snow permitting!) - I've had enough experiences of trying to survive off the freebies from the tour caravan that I will have a big bag of food this time (especially with kids in tow!)

    I am interested to see how it differs to the Tour.
    Bring back the original C4 Tour theme tune !

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