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How's this steerer tube setup going to work? (2.5mm spacer?)

bananasbrahbananasbrah Posts: 22
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Hi lads.

If my head tube is 230mm, the stack of my stem is 40mm, and the conical spacer between the two is 7.5mm, is there any way I'll be able to use a pre cut fork with a steerer tube length of 280mm?

As far as I know, there's no such thing as a 2.5mm 1 1/8 spacer, leaving the only other option as a 10mm conical spacer instead of the 7.5mm, and slamming the top cap straight onto the top of the stem, which I'd rather not do.

It's a 61cm 2012 Allez frame, which leaves me with limited options when it comes to both the fork and the spacer between head tube and stem, due to the quite unique way the headset is integrated. The current set up I'm running is with a 310mm steerer, 20mm conical spacer and another 20mm of spacers making up the difference above the stem.

Cheers, any insights welcome.


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,518
    you can certainly get 3mm spacers, i use one between stem and top cap

    but once you are down to a few mm i'm not sure you can reliably base decisions on head tube being 230mm and steerer 280mm unless you know exact conditions

    for instance, is that the steerer length with or without crown race fitted? exactly where wrt to the bottom of the head tube does the crown race sit? etc.

    within reason, there's no issue with having higher spacer above the stem - as long as the steerer is long enough to go through the steerer clamp then once clamped, what happens above is of little importance beyond holding onto the top cap to keep dust/water out
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  • protoproto Posts: 1,482
    Most stems have a height of 40mm. but some FSA stems 9but not all) have a height of 35mm, which may help you.
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