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Ultegra Brake Lever Adjustment

landdnllanddnl Posts: 64
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Ok, here's a simple question. I just bought the PI Lobster gloves. They're fantastic except for one thing. When shifting to a smaller gear the "glove fingers" are too thick and there's no space between the front of the drops where the levers mount and the small shift lever. I'm usually moving both levers at the same time when I'm trying to shift. I'm assuming if I take the brake lever shim out that this will help somewhat. Am I correct on this and if so, does the shim just lift out or is it secured somehow? The ultegra techdocs weren't very clear on this.


  • As far as I remember you've just got to engage the brake with one hand and yank/wiggle the small rubber shim out of the little clip it's secured with with the other. It should come out pretty easily, I think it comes away down and towards the front wheel.
  • I just got the shims out and went for a ride with my lobster gloves and now I can shift as easy as can be done with the lobster claws over your hands. It was so easy I'm embarrassed I even submitted this post. It took a total of 5 minutes to do, 4 of which was to locate the shims. They're exposed when you squeeze the brake lever. Needle nose pliers did the rest.(Sorry to say I did this before reading your reply. If I did read your reply first it would have taken about one minute to do!). Thanks for responding.
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