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Ok, perhaps this is more suited to the STW forum - but thought I'd ask here anyway

Anyone any experience of bikepacking? You know, packing a tent/tarp, sleeping bag, stove and all the rest on your bike and spending a weekend out.

Thinking of trying it with my boys next year


  • Did it this year around the New Forest and will be doing it again around Yorkshire next year .
    For our first 'expedition', we were always close to civilisation, so we could pack light with the added security of knowing that we could ride to a local store for food/water.

    Rather than a tent, we just used cheap sleeping bags /bivi bags, strapped to the frame. We also carried spare thermal blankets in case in got too cold (it didn't). Everything else (trangia stove, fuel, first aid kit, bike repair stuff, change of clothes etc) went in rucksacks, the weight spread amongst us.

    The only downside was the lack of sleep. But that was more to do with us not thinking about where we would sleep until we had been sat in a local pub all night, and then the subsequent pissing about in the dark like a group of excited schoolkids.
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  • This can be loads of fun.
    I've done it along the west highland way and would recommend exploiting the Scottish rights of way Laws.

    I found alot of useful information linked from the Bear Bones 200 event page, including a forum of bikepackers.
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    Go for bivi-bags rather than a tent - easier to carry and it will make it even more of an adventure for the boys. Less faffing to put up and take down, too.
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    Done it twice, Hadrians wall and the South Downs Way, good fun but the extra weight on the bike gets quite telling after a few hours. Tried using backpacks and Rack/pannier combos, personally I preferred the rack/pannier setup.
    I think the bivi bag option could be a good way to go although my tent was very light and small. Didnt take a cooker, just emergency food and ate in pubs etc. Problem there is the good places to ride are a bit out of the way of the pubs.
    Let us know what you decide and how you get on. Good luck.
  • Forget STW this is the home of bivi bike packing here in the UK