Anyone flown a bike with Norwegian Air from Gatwick?

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I am flying to Gran Canaria with Norwegian Air out of Gatwick in Feb/March. Their web site implies they only take bikes packed in hard cases. I suspect they want to avoid people packing bikes in clear plastic bags. Has anyone flown this route and taken a bike?
I usually use a padded bag with a cardboard bike box inside the bag, and the bike in that. Really want to know whether they will accept this. Can anyone who has actually flown out of Gatwick with this airline let me know how they got on. I have read a few similar messages on other forums, but no one has suggested an answer.



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    Will try and I post any response I get. We booked through, so don't have a booking number for the flights element.
  • I would have though the bets thing to do is find out who handles Nowegian Air in Gatwick and ask them directly. I doubt they have Nowegian Air staff in Gatwick, more likley a generic handler - ok, call this number: 020 8099 7254 and they should be able to help
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    Quick update. I contacted Norwegian Air by email to clarify the bike box situation. They said cardboard boxes would be OK, and they added the bikes to the booking. We could not pay online as the booking was made through In the end we didn't pay for the bikes (saving 80 euro each), they went through Gatwick OK and arrived in Gran Canaria in one piece.

    On the way back it was all very smooth. The oversized baggage belt in Las Palmas airport is now upstairs and manned. It is a lot easier than before when it was downstairs and not manned.

    I would recommend Norwegian Air if you are flying with bikes, but book the bikes on, either online if booking direct or contact their service centre if booking through an agent.