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Damaged Sora Shifter

DjcouchDjcouch Posts: 3
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I had a bit of a spill today, after checking no one saw and I noticed that the right hand shifter is slightly bent. The shifter was operating absolutely fine for the rest of the ride home afterwards but just feels a little strange now it's bent inwards a little.

As I'm not confident with working on bikes but is this something that can be fixed by a bike shop or will I need a new shifter. It is not cracked just a little scuffed. I've only had the bike for a month and don't fancy having to by buy both shifters as i was told they only come in a set.

Ta, Dave


  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    Not bent, just moved on the bars. Look on the outside of the shifter for a dimple and slide a 5mm allen key down there and undo the allen bolt securing the shifter to the bars and undo it, move shifter to the right position then retighten. A 5 minute job.

    The other option is take the bike and a pack of biscuits to your LBS, they should do the be able to do the job in two minutes if quiet.
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  • keef66keef66 Posts: 13,123
    Wot he said. They are meant to rotate on the bars in the event of a spill so they don't snap. On my 105 shifters the allen bolt is on the outside of the shifter body and accessed by pulling back the rubber cover. Loosen it just enough to be able to twist the shifter back. Then tighten till it's secure. Don't over tighten it or else it won't move next time you fall off!
  • Thanks for that, certainly saved me a lot of hassle.
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