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Folding packable rucksack to put in my pannier

small_blokesmall_bloke Posts: 222
edited December 2013 in Commuting general
Maybe I should check the JML website of weird inventions first, but......

Looking for a folding/packable rucksack which I could fit in my pannier (around £10). Sometimes I need some spare space when I go past the supermarket returning from work. I buy too much and my pannier fills up. The backpack would just be used for carrying the light stuff like empty lunchboxes and light foods (e.g salads and a couple of clothes items) The heavy items like laptop/milk/veg would be in the pannier.

I though about a second pannier but it may add too much weight and space into my main pannier for everyday carrying when not used.


  • Sea to summit do one that disappears into a tiny stuffsac. It's about £16.
  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,226
    My Paramo jacket came in a stuffsac that doubles as a mini backpack/duffel bag. It has no padding and the closure is just by the straps looping around the opening as in a traditional duffel bag (not the modern so called duffels which are just holdalls) . It packs away to nothing and is really useful.
  • Argos also sell a packable rucksack - ... tId=912086. Currently £14.99 but I bought it on sale for £5.99 earlier in the year so may be something to look out for in the January sales.
  • Thanks all for your advice.....

    I bought this from Tesco in the end, only £7. ... d=448-8184

    It doesn't pack super small like the more expensive ones because the fabric is quite thick and has some thin padding in the back, but it serves its purpose. It folds up and doesn't weigh too much (about 350g). Thrown into the bottom of my pannier just in case I need some extra space.
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