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Tacx i vortex Laptop performance

the playing mantisthe playing mantis Posts: 2,129
edited November 2013 in Road general
im going to get a new laptop as mine is old and needed upgrading and the fianl straw was trying to install tacx software 4 on it that failed completely.

i have read about myriad issues of the performance of tacx videos and VR on laptops, due to the laptop spec not being good enough, primarily it seems the video/graphics card.

can any existing users of tacx software 4 advise of the laptops and graphics cards they use and what the performance is like?

i dont really want to spend a bomb, but want something that will work well with the tacx software videos and vr.



  • Take a look at the below link, If your running the game modes or google streetview, you'll need to be fairly close to the recommended I'd say, if your just running the real life videos, the minimum spec should be ok - would look for a laptop with a dedicated graphics card and you should find the cpu and memory are up to par as well.
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