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Black magic... Voodoo SS build

sloppycowpatsloppycowpat Posts: 349
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Decided to build up a fast xc style SS for commuting and exploring, although I really want a new project.

After a bit of patience and luck/ time managed to get a brand new boxed 18" 2011 (I think) Voodoo Bokor frame for 70 bike tokens from fleabay :D Always wanted one when I worked at Halfords when I was a student but couldn't afford one.


Nice replaceable drop outs

Head badge

On scale frame was around 3.5 pounds with drop outs and clamp.

Dunno which forks I'll use yet either a RS tora 318, manitou relic or manitou black, probably the latter though as it is nice and light.

Parts so far:
Forks - Manitou blacks
Saddle- Brown charge spoon.
Seat post - FSA carbon thing.
Grips - Brown super star.
SS kit - Gusset wide based steel 16 tooth ring 2 bit alu spacers.
Stem - Race face ride 70mm.
Cranks - GXP fireX with a knackered BB.
Wheels - front some random but light zerox wheel, rear shimano XT hub UST rim jobbie (weighs bu99er all, odd spokes though they thread through the rim).
Brakes - Hayes 9s but fancy a change.
Chain - KMC BMX chain I have lying around.

Stuff I need to get still
Pedals - Fancy some CB egg beaters.
Tyres - Thinking Kenda small blocks any other suggestions for fast rolling tyres? (also 1.95 or 2.1?) already have a 2.3 ripped the side wall on the other :evil: .
Bars - Probably some cheapo carbon ones for the moment (anyone got some floating around?).
BB - Probably a new stock might risk a superstar one though.
Headset - Thinking a white superstar one maybe.
Chain ring bolts- Want red but don't trust the alu ones.

As far as colours go I'm sticking with black components possibly a few white bits and some red bolts.
worst moment ever...
buzzing down twisting single track then.... psssst BANG!!!
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