Rapha Pro Team Jacket Sizing

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Just wanted some advice on the sizing - I'm 6ft with a 35-36" chest and skinny arms so I'm leaning towards a small.. however obviously its the pro fit, and although I do want a close fit, I'm wondering if it comes up particularly small or short?

Obviously I could send it back but I don't want to deal with the hassle; especially since its probably going to be a gift.


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    Are you not able to try one on first?

    I would have thought a small was a bit too small, I am 6 feet tall and have a large which is a great fit over a base layer; admittedly a bit broader in the chest. I find it it is slim around he middle (stomach) rather than all over.

    Great jacket.

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    None of the LBS near to me stock Rapha unfortunately - it seems like I'm a small on chest (35") and arm length (24"), but a medium on neck (15") and back (25") hmm

    What is your chest size if you don't mind me asking?
  • I walked into the Rapha shop in Soho intending to buy a large (I'm 6ft and about 38"-40" chest these days). I ended up walking out with a small.

    The guys in the shop are insistent that this is designed to be worn very fitted - and they're right. Mine looks pretty tight off the bike, but as soon as you get on the bike the fit makes sense. The material is also much stretchier than a standard jacket - the PTJ is more of a jacket/jersey hybrid imo. I wear it with either a merino base layer (long-sleeved) or an Under Armour ColdGear turtle neck when it's down to today's sort of temperatures.

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    I am a 40" chest and have a large proteam jacket. It is designed to be a slim fit, but I didn't need to size down. Tbh, for the money you are spending I would just order a small and a medium and return the one that doesn't fit. Returns are pretty easy.
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    I am 5 ft 8 with a 38 inch chest, broadish shoulders and neck. I tried the medium and it was very tight with nothing on underneath but the neck was far too tight for my liking although length was ok. The large I tried was far too loose in the front so I would say it's only for skinny types if you want the right size.
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  • 5ft 7 and a bit, long torso, 38" chest and I wear a medium PTJ with room for a high neck winter base underneath. It has quite a short cut front so that it's bang on position when on the bike. I think a 6ft bloke in a small size would look mental!!!
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    5-10, 37-38 chest and wear a medium. This years fit seems sligthtly larger than last years (not sure about the black ones as they me be last years stock). Medium last year was too small for me. Small may not be long enough for you. I can get two base layers under it.
  • I'm 6ft, 36inch chest and my small PTJ fits exactly as it should. I can nicely fit a merino base layer and small pro team jersey underneath. It looks very short when stood up off the bike but when in the riding position it's just right so you don't get it bunching at the front and it's not halfway down your bum.
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    Just goes to show that you really need to try clothing on for the right fit, also I guess everyone likes a slightly different fit.

    Probably best to get two (different sizes!) and keep the best fitting one.