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Wheel out?

Graeme JonesGraeme Jones Posts: 361
edited November 2013 in Road general
So my Giant Defy has been faultless now for near 2 years but I noticed something unusual yesterday.
I removed my conti tyre and fitted my old Giant tyre to put the bike on the turbo for an hour but when I mounted the bike to the turbo it just didn't seem right with some real squeaky noises so I re mounted the bike and realigned everything again. The squeaking went but there was a definite feeling like the wheel wasn't true. The only way to describe it was at lower speeds you could feel the rotation of the tyre valve it was like a bump/lump feel every revolution not sever but I checked once I used the bike and then spun the pedals with the back wheel off the ground and it rotated with no unusual resistance but every full rotation it felt like it bumped.
Any thoughts guys.
Ill be interested to see if its the same when I put my other tyre on as I never noticed it on the road but to be fair I don't think I would notice on the road with potholes,noise and concentrating ahead


  • jds_1981jds_1981 Posts: 1,858
    Is the tyre seated properly? I've had similar happen before. I find it tends to happen where the valve is sometimes - think the harder rubber where the valve is can push it off slightly.
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  • It went on easy enough ill re fit it and see if it helps it may not be sitting right
  • I dont know if they're all like this but the Giant tyres that came with my Defy were appalling. The back wheel developed an egg shaped deformation after only 50 miles causing a problem this the OP described. My advice - bin the Giant tyres.
  • I need to get a turbo specific one really as I don't want to square off my Continental GP
  • NavrigNavrig Posts: 1,352
    I have experienced this twice.

    On the first occassion it was after hitting a pothole quite hard. The wheel still looked true when viewed from above but I was getting a pulse on every rotation. On closer inspection I noticed that the rim was dented and push inwards but it had not distorted the plane of the wheel.

    On the second occassion I had not set the wheel properly in the rear drop outs and as the wheel was slightly out of true it was hitting the chainstay once per revolution. I put it down to the wheel having a slight buckle and kept cycling. That was until the friction caused by that rub softened the tyre compound and the sidewall blew out in fairly dramatic fashion. Just glad it was on the straight and flat.
  • I did have some trouble getting it in the stays so will check that before today's session.
    Thanks guys. The tyre looks fine and seated well from what I see in its inflated state
  • Think it was the tyre I've re fitted and seems to spin better I think the tube was trapped in between the the wall
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