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Is my bike wearing through components too quickly

8ball58ball5 Posts: 2
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I bought a 2013 Cube Peloton Compact back in Feb 2013 with a Tiagra groupset 2x10 spd (50-34x12-30), and to date it has covered just under 5,000 miles (mainly commuting and also weekend rides) in all weather conditions except from ice and snow.
I live in the south of England, so many of my cycle routes are along B, A roads and country roads (not the smoothest of terrain).
Right now I have a clicking noise that happens once every rotation of the pedals, if I stand up it still happens, and I would say it is louder under more load. When I am coasting there is no noise atall. My first thought would be that it is the BB, but I had this replaced back in Sep 2013, and the new one has only covered 1,100 miles
In fact a few components have been replaced which I wouldn’t have expected within 9 months of ownership. The Cassette was replaced along with the chain and big front ring after only 4,300 miles – Is this normal?
When I had the cassette replaced I had it changed to a 12-27 tooth cassette, and the clicking noise I mention above had only started after this.
I will be going back to my LBS in the next couple of days but thought I would see if any of you fellow cyclists might have some views.



  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    4000 miles out of a drivetrain isn't unusual. Clicking could be a number of factors but sounds like investing in some tools and time to learn some maintenance should help prolong your drivetrain life e.g. frequent cleaning and relubing will extend component life.
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  • heez29heez29 Posts: 612
    I would expect the cassette and chain to of been replaced twice by 4000 miles in all weathers.

    The clicking sounds like BB but it could be the Cassette, maybe loose, if it started straight after replacement. As above regarding investing in tools as with that mileage you'll be spending a lot in labour costs over the course of a year.
  • bobonesbobones Posts: 1,073
    It's not unusual for BB and chain to need replaced after 1200mi if riding in all weathers. BB wear is usually manifested by crunching, gritty noises rather than a regular click. Clicking could be related to chain, pedals or cleats too, but it might be worth removing the chainset and greasing the splines and other contact points. A cassette should last much longer if the chain is replaced before it gets too worn. Chainrings and rims will also wear prematurely if riding in wet, winter weather. Similarly, keep an eye on RD looseness and excess play in jockey wheels. Cables also need replacing from time to time, and particularly the rear outer loop can get sticky and cause shifting to become inaccurate.

    Definitely worth learning some self-maintenance: buy tools, a workstand and teach yourself from the internet.
  • As above, chain and cassette have to be replaced fairly regularly. 5,000 miles in mostly all weathers would sound about right, partly depending on how often they get cleaned and lubed. Same applies to brake and gear cables and brake pads, without the lube bit :)

    Worth buying one of the Park chain wear tools.

    As for the clicking, could be BB needs replacing. Check if there's any lateral movement. If so, then probably due for replacement. If not, then a clean, grease and reset could be all that's needed (being careful not to over-tighten). Sometimes they last for ages, sometimes not that long.

    However, as said, clicking noises may equally be from pedals, cleats, or perhaps the gears needing some adjustment.

    A proper workstand and a few tools make a great investment. Add a radio and a cup of tea and most things can be sorted.
  • DHTTDHTT Posts: 345
    Check your cable end of the front mech isn't sticking out to far, as sometimes it can be and gets hit by crank or foot every revolution causing a click. Took me ages to work out what was wrong when that happened.
  • ic.ic. Posts: 768
    Take your pedals off, grease the threads well and stick them back on. See if that cures your click.
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