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MegaExo Bottom Brackets wearing out

wilhaywilhay Posts: 12
edited November 2013 in Workshop
Am I doing something wrong?
My cross bike has gone through three bottomm brackets in twelve months.. the last one has only lasted a few races and a bit of training.
The frame has been faced.
It hasnt been through that much bad weather,
It isnt pressure washed.
I havent done much more tahn a coupleof hundred miles on each one ( I train on another bike)

Has anybody else suffered with premature wear on MegaExo brackets?
Is there anything that I can do ?
any after market alternaive?


  • cloggclogg Posts: 70
    What FSA cranks are you using ?. Different models take different b/b's, some also take spacers . Mate had the same problem and then we discovered that shop had fitted the wrong b/b twice. The b/b's were only lasting a couple of months.
    Since he got the proper b/b and wave washer he has had no problems.
  • simonjsimonj Posts: 346
    Yes, I think the carbon cranks have a different BB to the alloy cranks. The alloy ones are the same as standard Shimano, but the carbon ones need a slightly thinner one. If you use the alloy BB with a carbon crank it will be tight and may wear early.
  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    They're pretty rubbish - like most external BBs. As said, carbon cranks require a thinner bearing whereas if using a Gossamer crank, you can use Shimano HT2 or even better, Hope for better sealing / durability.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
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