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Can anyone recommend a decent 'idiots guide to' book for a road bike..

I'm pretty useless at setting gears etc and always have to call into my LBS, so I could do with some sort of reference book. I'm not looking to be able to strip and rebuild a full bike, but jut simple things like changing cassettes etc.

I know YouTube shows everything in real time but I'd also like a book.

Cheers in advance


  • ben-----
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    Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance is pretty good I think.
  • Haynes Manuals - The Bike Book
    Parktool - The Big Blue Book
    Google - 'The Barnett's Manual of Bicycle Repair' A current version costs a fortune but I got a CD of an old issue which includes all the basics for £2.00. It's so detailed it makes yer 'ead spin
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    tbh i'd save the money

    park tool's website has good how-to guides for every task (just bear in mind that you do not usually need all the tools they recommend!), and there are many other online sources
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  • ben----- wrote:

    +1, cracking book.

    I would even go out on a limb and say that it contains everything cycling maintenance related that you would ever need.
  • Cheers, just ordered Zinn & The Art..
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    Trouble with books is they can become out-dated (I have a few that are now all but useless, unless working on a restoration project)

    These days I just use the interweb. Favourites include Youtube / Park Tools / Sheldon / various manufacturers websites. And of course coming on here and risking public ridicule by asking stupid questions...