GPS for runners - Fr 610 vs 620

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this is one for the runners out there, I want to get my sister a new GPS watch for xmas, she currently has the forerunner 405, she really likes Garmins so I was looking at getting the 610, but is the 620 worth the extra? its quite a bit more money so not sure if it is worth it?

anyone used either? - a site for sore eyes


  • My brother's got the 610 and seems very pleased with it. He was very interested in the new features of the 620 when it was announced but I don't think he's going to upgrade because of the cost.

    Have you read the mammoth DCRainmaker review of the 620? It includes comparisons with the 610, so it may help you decide...
  • I have been using the 610 no2 for about 2 years and have enjoyed it very much, only complaint would be the wrist band being a little too stiff. Has all the functions you would need and it is really a great watch. I liked it so much I bought one for my lady which never used a GPS watch when she ran and she absolutely fell in love with it.

    That being said, I have the 620 ordered at my local running shoe store. It is the 610 and goes well beyond that. It really is meant for someone who is quite analytical tracking their running. Tracking vertical oscillation(bounce), ground contact time and cadence. Gives an estimate of V02 max and guides workouts as well and has the HRM with it to boot.

    For me having all those extra features is wonderful and gives such insightful data into your running. If you don't care about those features than you won't go wrong with the 610-both are great watches in my opinion.
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    thanks for the replies, i am leaning towards the 620 but the price is a bit more than i really wanted to spend, i think my sister would get a lot from the extra features, she does a lot of marathons and her times are getting down to around 3 hours. So i think the extra features would benefit her, and i'm a bit concious that the 610 has been out quite a while now so it'd be a bit like getting her something that wasnt as new as it could be. - a site for sore eyes