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I have a stock Trek 2.1 used mainly for a short commute 5 mile each way and currently works fine, the gear range could do with being replaced simply to get a higher gear range as on flats I can in placeses spin out, but happy to wait until the current cogs wear out. I do fancy a bit of change though and whilest I understand the wheels make the biggest difference and the Trek is a bit slow off the mark for acceleration but once up to speed its fine, its also on the heavy side I'm also temped to look at a new carbon frame. Which would make the biggest difference £200 - £300 set of wheels (possibly with a dynamo hub on the front) or a £200 £300 carbon frame and bits moved over?
Thanks Andy


  • I doubt you are spinning out. What is your crank/cassette?

    Wheels can make a big difference but mainly on hills or for better acceleration out of corners etc. I'd question the benefit for just a 5 mile commute though.
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    afaik the trek has 50-12 as the highest gear, at 90 cadence you'd be doing about 47kph, almost 30mph, and 90 isn't a high cruising cadence for most, better to work on increasing cadence than spend on higher gearing

    if you are sustaining that cadence in 50-12 on the flat, take up racing :)

    as above, if it's for short commuting i'd leave it as is

    if you want something nippier might be better value to keep an eye on secondhand, there're some nice bikes at good prices
    my bike - faster than god's and twice as shiny
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    dyno hub will make you slower and their not light !
    Nice set of wheels for the weekend should sort you but really your need to spend £500+ to get any definate difference
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    Agree with Turnerjohn,
    I forked out £350 on a set of Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheelset. I wouldnt say im disappointed as such, but I might as well have saved the money, kept my stock Bontranger wheels and put this towards my next bike. Are the wheels making my standing starts noticably different? If they are its marginal. Do they make hills easier? Nope, I'm still rubbish up hills!
    Even spending £300 on a secondhand bike wont be too significant an upgrade on the 2.1.

    Without wishing to sound condescending, I personally wouldnt worry about trying to speed your bike up. For 5 miles, I dont think you will get much benefit out of bike upgrades. I would look at spending the money on comfort, maybe brake upgrade and some decent winter kit. Or if possible save until you have £7/800 and see what second hand bargains are on eBay. Youll find some decent frames with 105 gearing and ok wheels for that price. I would reckon you'll notice the difference more by doing this, I did it for my second bike. Here's a good example....
    [url=Http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ribble-Sportive-Carbon-Road-Racing-Bike-Custom-Built-Cycle-/171180378448]Http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ribble-Sporti ... 1180378448[/url]