Brooks alternatives ?

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What else is out there in the leather seat market. I like Brooks but would like a race saddle in leather.



  • Gilles Berthoud, but they are in essence the same thing.
    If you want a leather saddle as per a slab of cow's skin, that's pretty much it. Swallow is the raciest Brooks make, but you can get a cheap Team PRO, fold the sides underneath and tie them with a cable, in practice getting a Swallow for 1/3 of the price... it's still a pound or more of saddle, but sleek!
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    The Spa Cycles leather saddles are good value alternatives to Brooks.

    Brooks Swallow, Swift or Team Pro are reasonably racey (in looks).

    The Rivet saddles are also gaining in popularity in leather-saddle-centric Audax world.
  • The Gilles Berthoud are a league above brookes in terms of quality. The leather is considerably higher in standard but the ride is a lot firmer as a result