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Can an inline adjuster make the cable stiffer?

Manc33Manc33 Posts: 2,157
edited November 2013 in Workshop
Does having an inline adjuster on the cable make the cable a bit tighter to pull overall?

I mean by having an adjuster there, aside from the fact that it screws in/out to loosen/tighten.

Do these adjusters "grip" the cable somehow?

Just realized my front mech has an adjuster on the shifter and its got an inline adjuster too, double jeopardy lol. I am removing the inline adjuster anyway, no need for two, but just wondered if thats why the shifter is stiff?

It's really hard to find answers because of the nature of the question, all I find is stuff about adjusting the cable with the inline adjuster. :roll:


What do the insides of that look like and what is it doing to the cable?


  • sungodsungod Posts: 13,625
    if fitted correctly and clean, they shouldn't really increase cable friction

    the adjuster sits in a gap in the outer, it adjusts by varying the size of that gap, it doesn't touch the cable itself but the two ends of outer might if they're cut wrong or distorted

    if the shifter is stiff, check that...

    the mech itself is moving freely, a smidge of lube on the pivots every now and then may help

    released fron the mech, does the cable run freely, if not it may be crud in the outers, or cable/outer could be worn/kinked and need replacing
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  • Manc33Manc33 Posts: 2,157
    sungod wrote:
    if fitted correctly and clean, they shouldn't really increase cable friction

    OK cheers, just wondered if it can cause any friction. Its redundant with there being another one on the shifter.

    Anything for an easy shift, I mean life, I mean shift.
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